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Surgical Hold Lash Adhesive 0.5 - 1 Seconds

Surgical Hold Lash Adhesive 0.5 - 1 Seconds

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Introducing the 'TLS Surgical Hold Glue' - the perfect
solution to hold your surgical instruments in place. This
innovative product is made with a carefully curated
blend of ingredients, including Ethyl, Cyanoacrylate,
Carbon Black, Silicon Dioxide and Alcoxy. The glue is
hypoallergenic and comes in a sleek black colour that
effortlessly blends with any surgical equipment.
This easy-to-use glue works best under specific
temperature and humidity conditions - between 21-25
C or 70-77 F temperature range and a humidity of
45-65%. Once applied to your surgical instruments or
equipment, it dries up almost instantly at the speed of
0.5-1 seconds.
One thing that sets this product apart from others is its
thin viscosity consistency which means it spreads
uniformly on all surfaces with minimal fumes. TLS
Surgical Hold Glue gives you strong adhesive power
without compromising on comfort for both you as well
as for patients.
In conclusion, TLS Surgical Hold Glue offers excellent
performance while keeping your patients' safety in
mind by using hypoallergenic ingredients that keep
them safe from any allergic reactions. Order today and
experience its superior performance firsthand!

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